Fran LoganMember for Cockburn; Shadow Minister for Housing; Local Jobs; Training and Workforce Development

Making Cockburn Better

May Day 2014

Tuesday 06 May 2014

On Sunday Fran joined over 2000 union members and supporters of workers’ rights and took to the streets of Fremantle for the 2014 May Day Festival & March.


It was a day of family fun, food, music, speeches, and most importantly, solidarity. A cry of “we’ll never be defeated” rang through the city centre, sending a strong message to Liberal government that the livelihood of workers in WA (and all across Australia) is not something to be ignored.

The Cockburn Lakes and Jervoise Bay branch enjoyed a great turnout, marching side by side with members of the Fremantle branch, including Melissa Parke and Simone McGurk.

Fran would like to thank Unions WA for doing a fantastic job of organising the day. As every year, the event was a great success.